T-Tapp Workout Schedule Tips: Cheering You On!


A smaller pair of jeans or a new dress for that special wedding this spring beckons from your closet. It’s enough to get you started with T-Tapp, and you tell yourself you’ll feel better and have more energy, too. But then you get a little confused about how much and how often and before you know it you’ve slipped into a sporadic workout schedule and the jeans are still hanging in the closet.

It always helps to find out what others did to lose weight or get in shape. We know we have to adapt for our own life situation and body, but it’s nice to get affirmation that someone else traveled this road before us and reached their goal. It’s a hopeful sort of encouragement, with someone waving pom poms at the finish line and letting you know “Yes You Can!” Actually it’s not really a finish line, it’s just farther down the track because we never “arrive” and rest on our laurels when it comes to caring for our body.

As a fellow traveler who is a little farther down the track, I receive questions and emails about “what I did.” I’m pretty sure you won’t get the exact same results because after all, you are not me. But general principles do apply and hard work does pay off, so it’s possible something from my journey will ring a bell or clarify your path.

Someone wrote and asked about workout schedules, whether it was better to do more or less T-Tapp workouts. Here’s what I shared with them about my theories and what I actually did:

“I think part of it depends on your total life situation. I have a pretty stressful life and so I get into overtraining easily. I can’t do workouts 5-6 days a week for very long before it’s just *too much,* even short workouts. That said, I go to my max with the workouts I do.

Remember that a 15-minute T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus DONE is better than a 52-minute Total Workout PLANNED and not done because of stress or time constraints or mental dread. As a non-athletic, non-gym, non-fitness background sort of person, I’ve stayed consistent with short workouts and maintained my size pretty easily.

I had “seasons” of getting in longer workouts (by longer I mean more than 30 minutes), but those seasons were far outweighed by months of short workouts. I think my body benefitted from mixing it up–a couple of weeks (or up to a month) of harder effort, then a while of regular schedule. And truthfully, online classes were always a good motivator for me to do a month of harder effort, so keep that in mind when making your plan.

I personally found that 4 short workouts/week were enough to have inch loss (albeit more slowly) when I was working to lose sizes. Five or six workouts/week speeded it up, but life happened and I couldn’t keep that schedule permanently.

So the answer is yes and no. Yes, more is good for seasons, no I couldn’t keep it up all the time. Take heart and take advantage of short-term goals and things like contests and online classes to put in harder effort, then know it’s okay to back off (but still be consistent) for a long while, too.”

So there are a few thoughts on workout schedules, along with some waving and cheering you on. The pom poms are shaking and I’m yelling “Yes You Can!!”

How does YOUR T-Tapp schedule look? Please comment…