T-Tapp for the Tired

Are you tired?  Are you dragging through your days?  It reminds me of that old song “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” except the refrain is “Are You Tired Today?”

We all know that there are many reasons for being tired:  stress, hormones, overweight, pregnancy, motherhood, sleep deprivation, nutritional deficiencies, fungus overgrowth, blood sugar issues and more.

As a mom of twelve, I’m extremely familiar with tiredness.  Fatigue was a way of life before I found T-Tapp.  But within two weeks of starting to exercise, my children said to me, “Wow, Mom, you’re not tired all the time anymore.

But of course, even after reaching my goal, I had seasons of being tired.  Here are a few ways I cope with times of more-than-usual fatigue:

Definitely take care of health issues.  I worked closely with my health care provider for health issues involving balance in my “mid-life” body systems.  Eventually, after finding Plexus, we were able to completely back off on treatments.

Get more sleep.  Easier said than done, I know, but let’s admit that sometimes we do it to ourselves.  Starting that movie late, cruising on Pinterest, reading just one more chapter that turns into six.  Try a hot bath, head to bed earlier than usual to wind down and turn off the electronics at least an hour before bed.  Your body (and possibly, your marriage) will thank you.

Note:  Mommies with little ones are a special case.  During this season of life (and believe me, I understand), do the best you can. There’s a temptation to stay up late or skip a nap just to be alone!  Monitor your energy levels (and emotions) to decide which will benefit you more.  Just don’t let resentment or self-pity spoil the times when you’re not able to get enough sleep—or alone time.

Exercise.  I can hear it now (because I’ve said it):  “I’m too tired to exercise.”  Relax.  Well, don’t relax, exercise.  Generally, the less you exercise, the more tired you feel.  At least three workouts a week (and four is even better) will help you have more energy.  But it may take a couple of weeks to get there and at first you may think it’s not working.

When you’re really tired, first determine if you’re exhausted and coming down with a virus.  In that case, rest instead.  But if you’re just sluggish and draggy, exercise will do you good.  Here is a list of my favorite routines when I’m extra-tired but know I need to move:

  • MORE
  • MORE Chair
  • MORE Chair plus MORE Step Away or Broom
  • Basic Workout Plus, 4 reps
  • Basic Workout Plus, skipping parts of Plies and the drop-downs on T-Tapp Twist and possibly Hoe Downs
  • Primary Back Stretch, T-Tapp Twist Stretch, one set of Hoe Downs
  • Senior Fit Primary Back Stretch plus a couple of moves
  • Some version of Primary Back Stretch, then whatever moves sound fun (Torso Twist, for example)
  • TappCore Spine, followed by a few other moves chosen on the basis of appeal and novelty!
  • At least the sitting portion of Hit the Floor, along with a couple of the lying down moves

Eat well.  This means different things to different folks.  Get enough protein, not too much sugar.

Use supplements.  Again, do some research and figure out what works for your body.  Plexus is the group of supplements that has done more for my energy level than any other supplement or treatment I’ve done (and it’s a natural, sustained energy, not a jittery kind of energy). For me, extra Vitamin C is a must for a platelet condition.

Being tired is part of life and often unavoidable, but perhaps something here will help you stop the downward slide.  We didn’t even mention the part played by stress and emotions, but they definitely contribute.  Do what you can to care for yourself so you’ll be able to keep up with all that you have to do.  Then you’ll be singing, “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night!”

What’s your go-to workout (or supplement) when you’re tired?