T-Tapp Mythbuster

As seen on TV.  The scientists and engineers choose an urban legend  to prove or disprove by a carefully controlled experiment.  They construct a dynamite-rigged test and don their safety glasses and helmets behind a steel-reinforced hut.  Press the button and **BAM!**  The truth comes out and the proof is in the results.    
T-Tapp has a few urban legends of its own–common misperceptions or mistaken impressions.  You may have heard or thought some of these.  In the interest of public awareness, here a few:
MYTH:  Tucking butt = Tightening buns.  It is actually much more comprehensive.  A good explanation of curling the core is on the T-Tapp forum.  Try out the search function and learn more.
MYTH:  Bootcamps = All of your results.  Bootcamps are great to start out and can jumpstart inch loss when it has slowed or stopped, but it’s the consistency after the bootcamp that gives the long-term results.  During my inch loss journey I started out with my version of a bootcamp—5 days of Instructional  #1, then 7 more days of Basic Workout Plus.  At another point I did a 12-day bootcamp of the Total Workout, with 4 reps of the second half of the workout.  By the end of that bootcamp I was so tired and sore I had to take a full week off!  Every “body” is different, so someone else would probably have a different experience.  But from then on, my rare bootcamps were 4-5 days.   
MYTH:  Shoulders back = Leaning back.  Shoulder to hip alignment is a key principle for inch loss, and leaning back gets shoulders behind hips.  
MYTH:  T-Tapp is easy.  It’s been said that if you think it’s easy, you’re not doing it right.  T-Tapp has been many things to me, but easy isn’t one of them.
MYTH:  Everybody can get to a single-digit size.  Think about this:  you can’t get smaller than your skeleton.   If you are big-boned, size 12 or 14 (or more) may be your final goal, minus the back fat and muffin-top. 
There you have it, folks—the truth about some T-Tapp urban legends, no dynamite required.