Back to T-Tapp After a Break


It’s an urban legend that people who have reached their goal size maintain a perfect body and perfect schedule.  Life happens and pounds and inches come and go.  The key is to monitor when too many inches and pounds come, then make a plan to make them go.  But perfection?  Excuse me while I choke and snort my water.

Tools like Plexus Slim can definitely help with the plan, but no matter how you eat, T-Tapp helps reshape your body, strengthen your core and heal from the inside out.

Over the past seven+ years of T-Tapp, there have been occasional longer periods of time with no workouts.  The longest has been six weeks after medical procedures, but other than that the times range from a week to two weeks.  When those times come (and they will for all of us), this is how to get back into T-Tapp:
Start with a short workout.  MORE is my preferred back-to-T-Tapp workout.  If it’s been more than two weeks, Instructional #1 is recommended.  After a week or two of MORE (about 4 times a week), strength and endurance are regained enough to move into other workouts.  After illness or fatigue, I might start with Primary Back Stretch only for a few days, and work up to a whole workout.
Be vigilant about water, alfalfa and brushing.  With the fall-off of workouts, brushing usually gets sporadic also.  This is a good time to re-commit to the brushing routine along with the workout routine.
Fit in an extra move or two later in the day. A single set of Hoe Downs or some Butterflies can compound the effect of your short back-to-T-Tapp workout.
Choose good thoughts.  Blaming yourself for skipping workouts or regretting the last however-many-weeks is counter-productive.  It will take a while to get back on top of things, but don’t let yourself get discouraged about it.  Thoughts like “I’m going to feel so much better” or “This is so good for my body” are much more effective.  Expressing gratefulness to your body for healing and restoring actually affects you physically on a cellular level, according to recent brain research.
Taking an extended time off from workouts can make you realize how good T-Tapp is.  After a few days of no formal exercise, I notice far more aches and pains, from my back to my limbs.  I feel a little foggy and don’t have as much energy.
The first few days back can be a little challenging, as you’re working out the kinks.  You may feel a little stiff and your endurance may not be what it was.  You may find it difficult to keep knees bent and out, and your balance may be off.  That’s okay.  Be kind to yourself, but don’t give yourself permission to throw in the towel.  Pick up the towel and use it for Primary Back Stretch arm pumps.  You’ll be glad you got back to work.
Breaks happen.  A week or two may pass without a formal whole workout.  Just make sure the break doesn’t turn into a way of life.  Get started again in a doable way:  no punishing yourself with an impossible schedule, no mean thoughts about yourself.
You don’t want your brain to associate getting started again with negativity and pain.  Instead, treat yourself nice, think good thoughts, smile and look forward to getting back to T-Tapp!