Your T-Tapp Benefit Package: What’s In It For You

When someone interviews for a new job, one of their first questions is “What’s the benefit package?”  They want to know the specifics about the extra perks:  insurance, vacation days, company car, mileage, and so on.  We’ve all heard someone say, “It doesn’t pay much, but it has great benefits!”
It’s the same with T-Tapp:  there are benefits, hidden and otherwise, when we sign on to stay consistent with it.  As with all exercise programs, we can profit from more energy and overall wellbeing.  But have you checked out the benefit package that comes with T-Tapp?  Here’s a short list, and you’ll find many more in Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes by Teresa Tapp:
Inch loss.  T-Tapping my way from a size 22 to 6, I lost more than twice my height in inches.  T-Tapp’s special sequence of movements and muscle activation helps your body tighten and tone to smooth things over.
Less cellulite.  T-Tapp is designed to get your lymph moving to eliminate trapped toxins that contribute to cellulite.  Combine that with body brushing and you’ll soon see smoother skin.  I was the Queen of Cellulite before T-Tapp and I have seen great improvement.
Fat burning.  It usually takes twenty minutes to get into fat-burning mode with most exercises, but T-Tapp shortens this to as little as ten minutes.
Improved posture.  This doesn’t sound like anything to write home about it, but better posture makes you look younger and slimmer—immediately!  Weak abs and being the tallest girl in the room at 5’11” had caused me to slump over the years.  My posture, both sitting and standing, has completely changed with T-Tapp.  Standing tall and straight gives you presence and even affects your confidence!
Maintain blood sugar levels.  This doesn’t sound very glamorous, but Teresa Tapp says,“Whenever you have too much blood sugar (glucose) circulating in your system, your body tries to balance it by releasing more insulin, which is known as the fat-producing hormone.”  Core muscle density burns glucose for fuel, T-Tapp builds core muscles!
Reduce back pain.  Many T-Tappers have reported that their back pain lessens or disappears with T-Tapp.  It’s a rehabilitative workout that helps reduce muscle tension and realign the spine.  Teresa Tapp developed T-Tapp to help her own back pain, so she “gets” it.
The list could go on and on, but you’re probably anxious to get started now.  Every single move in T-Tapp has a rehabilitative or health reason AND it helps you look good as you lose inches.  That’s like double bonus benefits!