Tips to Tweak Your T-Tapp Workout

tweak-t-tapp-workout-tools1Not only does the T-Tapp workout shift and redesign your body curves, it changes and progresses itself. As Teresa Tapp continues to introduce new techniques of muscle activation, it brings new life to all of the T-Tapp workouts.

Just because a new form tweak is introduced in a new workout doesn’t mean that the original form is obsolete or “wrong.” The new stuff has a different purpose or an easier way of creating the desired result. But you can add some variety to your old favorites by incorporating a few tweaks from other workouts to ramp up your routine.

For instance, let’s look at some ways to spice up MORE Chair with a few techniques from Senior Fit:

  • Do the Senior Fit Tempo version of Primary Back Stretch, then move to MORE Chair.
  • Use the Senior Fit hand position on Bicep Curls and In-Outs.
  • On Combo In-Outs, reach up to a V rather than all the way up.
  • Press feet into the floor but pay special attention to jazzing toes.
  • On Chair Hoe Downs, use the Senior Fit hand position and keep ribs UP while lifting the foot/knee.

You’ll still follow along on the video with MORE Chair, just add some tweaks. Pay attention to how it feels. You may find that some simple changes make you sweat more!

Just remember the rule for adapting a T-Tapp workout: you can skip moves but don’t rearrange them. The T-Tapp sequence matters. Seriously, you’d be surprised at the “why’s” of the small details. The benefits and genius design of T-Tapp never cease to amaze me. If you spend any length of time with Teresa Tapp you’ll know what I mean!

Occasionally I hear people say they get bored with T-Tapp. Everyone is different and I’m sure they have their reasons. But after more than six years of regular T-Tapping I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface.

Of course it helps that I own a variety of workouts. Some days I just “feel” like floorwork or a walking workout. Sometimes I finish a standing workout with the Ladybug floor move. Don’t be afraid to do what sounds good to you—it could be that your body is trying to tell you something.

It also helps to mix it up with form tweaks or parts of one workout married to another. My current favorite is Senior Fit (as you can probably tell) and I like to carry over parts of it when I do something else.

Try mixing it up a little. Tack on TappCore Balance to the end of Basic Workout Plus. Do TappCore Spine instead of Primary Back Stretch sometimes. Do MORE Chair followed by MORE Step Away for variety. Get creative, but don’t stray from the sequence. Always begin by warming up the spine with some form of a T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch.

Do you have a favorite way to tweak your T-Tapp workouts for variety or results? Please leave a comment and share with us!