T-Tapp Retreat Experience in a Box

retreatcollage1Anybody who has joined a T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge will tell you that their dream prize is to win a trip to the annual retreat in Safety Harbor, Florida. In fact, those who entered this year are now in the breathless waiting-to-hear-who-won stage!

I well remember my first T-Tapp retreat. I had been T-Tapping for about seven months and had lost 50 pounds. Shortly after my arrival at the posh resort hotel, who should I see walking toward me but Teresa Tapp herself! My first thought was that she was taller than I had imagined from seeing her on hours of DVDs. My second thought was that I was tongue-tied and awkward in my extreme admiration! Fortunately, Teresa is a warm and generous soul and she soon made us feel welcome.

The workouts at retreats are something special. Nobody can wring sweat out of you like Teresa. I learned much at that first retreat, and it made a difference in my results from that point on.

You may be thinking “I’m not headed to Florida any time soon, so I guess that leaves me out.” Not so. There is a way you can experience the special instruction and form tweaks of a T-Tapp retreat–right in your own home.

The Retreat Series DVDs were filmed at a T-Tapp Safety Harbor retreat. You can get a feel for the atmosphere and see exactly what Teresa teaches. She slows it way down and explains form in different terms so that you “get” it. And if you look close, you can see me in the audience, 50 pounds heavier and with form that leaves much to be desired. (Just another reminder that perfection is not required to get results!)


Take, for instance, T-Tapp Broom. It has several segments of workouts using an ordinary broom to help you maintain form. The warmup segments themselves are a lesson in form that you can apply to your other T-Tapp workouts. Doing the MORE workout? Try the MORE warmup and you’ll understand it like never before. If you don’t yet own MORE Level 1, this DVD includes the whole thing.

And then there’s T-Tapp Total Workout Super Slow. Four reps super-slow and four reps at a moderate pace, it contains Primary Back Stretch through Balance.

These master-level educational clinics are the next best thing to being there!

Don’t let their length scare you off. There are lots of ways you can get great benefits from them:

  • Choose one move to study and practice
  • Set a timer and stop when it rings
  • Watch ten minutes and take notes
  • Commit to a Super Slow bootcamp over a weekend

These clinic workouts will take your T-Tapp practice to a new level. They are fabulous review for seasoned T-Tappers, and great instruction for newbies. Give yourself a retreat experience in a box!