T-Tapp Cause and Effect

Have you ever caught yourself wanting results from T-Tapp while not being willing to do the work?

If you’ve been around a baby in a high chair, you’ve probably seen her discover cause and effect by dropping food off of the tray. Or maybe you’ve played the game of I’ll-drop-the-toy-and-you-pick-it-up with a little one. They are fascinated with the splash and crash effect from the cause of dropping food or a toy.

When you think about it, weight loss advertisements and magazines are full of effects, skipping the cause. Sure, they’re trying to sell their product which is the cause, but they make it seem like we can immediately go from cause to effect. We forget what goes on in between the before and after photos.

In other words, we want the effect without the cause.

I guess it’s human nature. We want to go from zero to sixty in ten seconds. We’re used to microwave snacks, fast food and streaming movies.

Although it is possible to lose inches quickly with T-Tapp (yes, even over a weekend or a few workouts), there is not usually dramatic overnight inch loss.

But there is over-year inch loss. Or over-three months inch loss.

The cause of that kind of inch loss is steady, consistent T-Tapp workouts, progressing in form as you go. Day by day, week by week, doable, consistent exercise.

We may look at the effect and wish we could have it today, but if we’re not willing to do the cause, we’re not likely to end up with the effect.

Too often T-Tappers give up when they’re not seeing the final effect in the first three weeks.

It helps to keep your eyes on the prize of the final effect, but meanwhile you have to keep working the cause.

Just like the cause of dropping a spoon from a high chair tray has the effect of a spoon on the floor, the cause of steady, mindful T-Tapp will have the effect of dropping inches. And THAT will take you from a before to after that you love.