Why You Should Do a T-Tapp Broom Workout

Have you ever heard of doing an exercise routine with a broom? I’m talking your ordinary, everyday, sweep-the-kitchen type broom. Nothing fancy, although you can buy some cute ones nowadays. I personally own a little leopard print number, purchased solely for the purpose of workouts.

T-Tapp has several Broom workouts and I’m here to tell you that you should try one. It may sound odd, but the Broom workout helped me find my lats. Activating the latissimus dorsi muscles are a huge key to getting rid of back fat, helping your metabolism and getting results with T-Tapp. It took me months to figure out how to use those muscles, and I still need the occasional refresher. But I remember the first time I did find them. Boy, do I remember.

It was at the 2007 T-Tapp Retreat at Safety Harbor, Florida. We were actually filming a Broom workout, and it ended up being The Longest Workout Ever due to a fire alarm that went off in the middle of filming. We had to go outside so long that when we came back inside we had to warm up and start over. And when it was over, my lats were calling to me. I had found them, for sure.

Gary the camera guy doing a Broom workout at a T-Tapp Retreat
Gary the camera guy doing a Broom workout at a T-Tapp Retreat

The thing about a broom workout is that it forces you to stay in alignment. T-Tapp Twist and walking in place take on a whole new meaning with your shoulders back in alignment, held in place by a broom. It will give you some workout bang for your buck, that’s for sure, helping your body burn more calories, glucose and fat.

There are several Broom workouts: a segment on the MORE workout, a Broom DVD and now a brand new T-Tapp Broom 2 workout. There are two reasons I’m excited about this one:

1.  It is 13 minutes long. You know how I love short workouts.

2.  It is inexpensive–only $19.95 (when it’s not on sale!).

The new T-Tapp Broom 2 is a thirteen-minute complete routine. That’s two whole minutes shorter than Basic Workout Plus. I’m in.

Grab a broom, lace up your shoes and push play. A broom will take your workout to a whole new level, trust me. Try it–and sweep away some inches!