T-Tapp Bootcamp Tips

t-tapp-bootcamp-tipsThe word “bootcamp” when it comes to fitness sounds either scary or great! It brings up images of sweating, gasping soldiers and sounds really hard. On the other hand, a bootcamp seems to promise faster, better results. In reality, it’s somewhere in between. Read on for some T-Tapp bootcamp tips….

A T-Tapp bootcamp can help break a plateau or jumpstart inch loss, but it’s not the end-all for results.  The good stuff comes in the consistency AFTER the bootcamp.

However, there are good reasons to do a T-Tapp bootcamp. In Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, Teresa Tapp states that “Boot camp also forces your body to use muscles you rarely use in daily activity….you must T-Tapp at least four days in a row to get that internal core density.”

For many of you, a bootcamp can be about getting into the habit of consistently T-Tapping. A shorter-length bootcamp can get you over the hump without burnout or overwhelm.

While you may be physically capable of doing a 14-day bootcamp, know thyself. If it’s likely that when it ends you won’t T-Tapp for days and then the days will become weeks, be realistic. A 4-5 day bootcamp is reasonable and doable with a busy schedule, and it’s not so demanding that you won’t jump right back into T-Tapp after the bootcamp ends.

A T-Tapp bootcamp is defined as “working out every day for as long as your chosen bootcamp lasts.” Note that the 15-minute Basic Workout Plus is already safe to do every day. The Total Workout should only be done every other day. In Teresa’s book, either workout is mentioned as an option for a bootcamp.

It’s a good idea to take two days off following a bootcamp. Measure AFTER the two days off to allow muscle swelling to dissipate.

Don’t be surprised if your bootcamp inch loss doesn’t show up until a couple of weeks later. This is the pattern my body tends to follow—zero to very little inch loss after a bootcamp, with sudden inch loss 2-3 weeks later (remaining consistent afterwards, but certainly not every day).

Consider doing an Instructional workout rather than a more advanced workout like Ladybug or the Tempo series. It will go a little slower, thus helping you activate muscle in layers, and there are more instructions for better understanding. If you’re new to T-Tapp (or haven’t T-Tapped consistently in a while), I HIGHLY recommend that you begin with an Instructional workout.

Save variety for after the bootcamp. A bootcamp is designed to help you progressively build your mind-to-muscle connection and awareness—down your spine and out to your limbs—by increasing muscle memory. Muscle memory is built by repetition, so doing the same workout each day helps.

Concentrate on quality rather than quantity. You can always bend knees a little deeper (especially as the workout progresses and you straighten knees without realizing it). You can always curl the core a little better and reach further.  This is not to say that you should overdo to the point of going beyond alignment. But most of us are in more danger of sloppiness and lack of activation and alignment.

Be prepared for some tough moments. Teresa Tapp notes that “On days one and two of boot camp, take things slowly, and really focus on proper form. By day three, you might be calling me names—that’s why T-Tapp is an at-home fitness program! But by day four, the exercises will be much easier. That’s because your body will break through a physiological plateau—which is the very reason why it’s so important to do the workout at least four days in a row….” You may experience a “hard day” differently. In my early T-Tapp practice, day four was harder for me, but I think it was because I was not used to activating muscle so it took an extra day to affect me.

Bootcamps are great, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t attribute my success and results to bootcamps. I have done VERY FEW bootcamps over the last 6 ½ years, and only ONE of those was longer than 5 days! Bootcamps should only be done when you’re starting out, when you haven’t T-Tapped in

Remember that T-Tapp is all about quality and consistency. Thirty days of every other day workouts with good form is better than fourteen days of a bootcamp with careless form.

A T-Tapp bootcamp can help you get started or re-started on the right foot. It will enable you to get in the groove and connect your mind and body. You might end up doing some sweating and gasping, but you don’t have to knock yourself out without end. Ten-hut! Carry on!