What NOT to Do When You Start T-Tapp

Have you seen the TV show where the two stylists go through someone’s wardrobe and get rid of everything that is not flattering?  Usually the person had no idea that their clothes didn’t do anything for their coloring and figure, and they’ve been heedlessly wearing them for years.  It would have been nice to have the stylists’ help when they first started building their wardrobe!
It can be the same with T-Tapp.  You might have no idea that what you’re doing is not the most effective way to lose inches and stay consistent, and an experienced T-Tapper can offer some advice, fashion and otherwise.
What NOT to do:
Get confused about how to start.  You have three basic choices: 
Basic Workout Plus – T-Tapp’s 15-minute wonder.  I got most of my results with this workout (or variations of it), but I also did Total Workout.
Total Workout – Even if you start with Basic Workout Plus, it won’t be long before you’re curious about the rest of the story.  Total Workout includes a Basic Workout Plus DVD with Instructional #1 and Total Workout DVD with Instructional #2.  The Total Workout is known as the meat and potatoes of T-Tapp, with great core-building and balance-building exercises.
MORE – This workout is great for those with more to lose, more birthday candles and more health issues.  A bit slower, fewer reps on most moves—but still gives inch loss and great health benefits.
One other variation is The Total System, which includes Basic Workout Plus, Total Workout, and the skin brushing system with supplements to help tighten your skin as you lose inches.  This is what I purchased to begin T-Tapp, along with the book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes so I got 30% off my order!
Burn out by being all-or-nothing.  Sure, take advantage of your enthusiasm at first.  But if you find yourself skipping workouts because you’re exhausted or you just don’t have time for 45 minutes, be realistic and cut back.  Four short workouts done in a week beats a long workout not done because you dreaded it or couldn’t fit it in.
T-Tapp barefoot or in cheapo or broken down shoes.  The feet are the foundation of fitness!  T-Tapping barefoot is actually more challenging to keep good form, and form gives the results.  Save the barefoot workout for later when you’ve been Tapping for a while and get the Barefoot Basic DVD.  Good, supportive crosstrainers with a wide toe box are essential.  Many T-Tappers (including me) recommend Skechers Energy 2250. 
Try to change your diet at the same time.  Teresa Tapp doesn’t recommend that you change your eating at all in the first month of T-Tapp.  One change at a time, please.  Too many changes at once can overwhelm you to the point of giving up.  I personally started my inch loss journey with T-Tapp rather than a diet.
Skip the basics.  Start with the Instructional workouts.  They teach the form and yes, you need to hold the stance while Teresa talks.  That will help build the mind-to-muscle connection and endurance.  Do the Instructional at least 4-5 days before you move on to the workout.  Then go back and do it again once a month.  And did I mention starting with the Instructional workout?
These are just a few tips on “what NOT to do” when you get started with T-Tapp.  Get going, stay consistent, and you might just find that you need to watch that TV show to get ideas for when you buy an entire new wardrobe!
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