Making Short T-Tapp Workouts Effective

Short workouts were what drew me to T-Tapp in the first place.  As a busy homeschooling mom with eight children still at home (the youngest one year old), hour-long exercise sessions weren’t going to happen. “Fifteen minutes” was an enticing promise, a novel idea that encouraged me that I could fit in exercise.  After losing seven inches the first week with fifteen minutes a day, I was hooked!

There were a few things I did to help make those short workouts effective.

First of all, I actually DID the short workouts.  Not just once or twice a week, but pretty much every other day, at least 4-6 times a week (six times per week during harder efforts for a season, like the 60-Day Challenge, four times per week during regularly scheduled life, especially during the holidays).

It’s possible that long workouts every other day would give faster results overall, but only if done in good form.  In other words, flopping quickly through the Total Workout in an effort to speed up inch loss would possibly give less results than a mindful, muscle-activated short workout.  I say “possibly” because it would depend on overall form, strength, fitness level, etc.

I became a student of T-Tapp.  I am “an inquiring mind who wants to know” so my search for information was probably more intense than the average person.  Many people are not the type to read everything they can find on a subject.  However, even the most casual learner can scribble a question about form on a post-it note as they work out and look it up on the forum later using the “search” function or study the move in Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes.  I read and posted on the forum almost every day, so that knowledge base built up.

Of course reading a form tip and applying a form tip are two different things, and you have to DO the workout to apply the form tweak.

I kept on doing short workouts.  We’re not talking three weeks.  More like seventy-five weeks to go from size 22W to size 6.   It’s one thing to “try” T-Tapp and “try” to stay consistent for a month or two, and quite another to commit to staying consistent for many months.

I challenged myself with short workouts. As I got stronger and learned more about form, I pushed myself.  Rather than getting by with wimpy fingers and relaxed arms, I worked hard to tighten muscles and not use momentum.

I worked out mindfully.  I never watched TV or listened to music while doing a T-Tapp workout.  There was too much to think about, running a constant circuit in my mind checking aspects of form:  bend knees, press lower back flat, oops bend knees again, and so on.

I got the majority of my results with short workouts, 30 minutes or less.  There was a season of time for a few months when I added in the Total Workout and I think that was valuable, but for my busy life short workouts were much more practical and doable.

It might take you longer to reach your goal if you do only short workouts, but you’ll never reach it if you don’t have time to do long workouts and therefore, you don’t.

Try a 15-30 minute workout and see if it helps you stay consistent.  Just make sure you work hard and push form to make that short workout effective.  You’ll be glad you did!

Please leave a comment if you have any questions!