Saved by the Bell: Truth About Staying Consistent with Exercise

Saved by the Bell:  Truth About Staying Consistent with Exercise

by Charlotte Siems
Bells are a bigger part of our lives than we realize.  A doorbell rings and alerts us to open the door.  The telephone rings so we know we have a call.  The school bell rings when it’s time for class.  And the clothes dryer sounds out when the clothes are dry.
If you are having a hard time staying consistent with your T-Tapp routine, see if any of these reasons ring a bell:
Your idea of a routine is too big.  You’re expecting yourself to do a T-Tapp Total Workout every other day, with a Basic Workout Plus in between.  There are probably people in the world who could do this for long stretches.  I am not one of them.
You talk yourself out of it.  “I don’t have time today.”  “I’m too tired.”  “It’s too hard.”  “I’ll catch up next week.”
You let one hour of exercise derail your entire week.  What I mean by this is that if you do four 15-minute workouts in one week that equals one hour.  Let’s say it takes you 25 minutes total, counting changing clothes and shoes.  So now we’re up to 100 minutes—one hour and 40 minutes out of 168 hours in a week.  But mentally you get overwhelmed and view it as 12 or more hours a week and you let that untruth keep you from getting started.
You use exercise as a tool of punishment.  This can be mental or physical.  Either way, your brain will begin to associate T-Tapp and exercise with pain.  Not a good association with something you want to do often.
You feel hopeless.  This is giving up before you get started.  Or giving up after two weeks.   Listen, if T-Tapp could help my 258-pound, out of shape, 12-baby body it can help yours.
You tell yourself “next month.”  That month is going to pass whether you exercise or not.  Would you rather be more fit, stronger and more energetic by then?  Or still telling yourself you’ve got to exercise?
You’re not honest with what you’re really doing with your time.  It’s easy to say “I don’t have time.”  You can get sympathy and understanding when you say that.  The truth is, we make time for what we really want to do.  Ouch.
Did you hear any chimes in the distance?  Maybe a “ding-ding-ding!” went off in your head?  Often we don’t even realize what we’re doing to ourselves until an ambassador for truth points it out to us.
Then you’re saved by the bell!