Ride the Wave: Tips to Avoid Overwhelm with T-Tapp

ride-the-wave-avoid-overwhelm-with-ttapp“I’m a little overwhelmed with needing to read all the book and watching all the DVD’s that came in the Total package! I’m not sure where to start.” ~ quote from questions asked by someone new to T-Tapp

The dictionary defines overwhelm as “to affect deeply in mind or emotion; to present with an excessive amount of anything.” 

Like an ocean wave, information and the perceived need to digest it all and do it all engulfs us before we can gulp for air.  If I’m not careful, I immediately default to sweeping generalizations and overwhelm, saying and believing  “I’ve got too much to do.”  Anybody raising their hand?

I remember that feeling of “Where do I start?” when I tore open the box from Safety Harbor, Florida.

How to Avoid Overwhelm with T-Tapp

Whether you’re overwhelmed with your household to-do list, or getting started on your new life of fitness with T-Tapp, here’s a short list of tips to ride the wave of overwhelm and cruise into shore:
Breathe.  Seriously.  Take a deep breath and let the flow of oxygen to your brain clear your thoughts.
Take charge of your thoughts.  When the panicky thoughts of overwhelm threaten, you have the choice to stop them.  You can decide “I’m not going to think that way,” to help dissolve the toxic thoughts. But don’t stop there! You MUST replace them with thoughts of faith and belief and what you want, to powerwash away the bad stuff.
Simplify.  Your T-Tapp package may have included some great extras, depending on the current special.  As an example, let’s say you ordered the Total System and you received some other workouts.  To get started, read the enclosed brochures.  Watch the skin brushing DVD.  Watch Instructional #1.  Do Instructional #1.  Skin brush.  You’ve just stood up on the surfboard and you’re getting your balance.
Write it down.  Do you journal?  I highly recommend it, and not just as a spiritual practice.  Things written down have a way of looking more approachable.  Thoughts are swirling in your head, so get them out on paper to capture them and calm the waters.
Make a plan.  And make it simple.  Pencil in your beginning workouts on a calendar.  Write them in your planner, whether it’s paper or a smartphone.  Planning takes away daily decision-making so it’s one less task for your crowded brain.
DO the plan.  Did you open the package, get overwhelmed and put it on the shelf?  Reading about T-Tapp is great, and ordering is better, but the way you lose inches and sizes is DOING T-Tapp.
Sometimes all it takes is a good night’s sleep to get some new perspective and swim against the tide of overwhelm.
You don’t have to do it all at once and you’ll be surprised what just a week or two will do for your strength and coordination.  Going through some simple steps to clear the confusion is like surfing over the waves of overwhelm (Hawaii Five-O music playing in the background).  Hang ten!