Quickie Workouts for Extra-Busy Times

“Fifteen minutes” is what attracted me to T-Tapp in the first place.  As a very overweight, very tired, very busy Mom, I had no desire to do a long workout and knock myself out with bands or weights.  The thought of a complicated system with an elaborate workout schedule was overwhelming.  Anything more than fifteen minutes was one of the reasons I had avoided exercise (and the mirror) for years.


When life gets crazy-busy, even fifteen minutes can sound like too much.  I say “sound” because we sort of do it to ourselves—we believe it’s the truth when we say we don’t have time to exercise.  The good news is that T-Tapp has possibilities for LESS than fifteen minutes.


You’re probably not going to lose a size quickly with a few minutes a day, but how many inches will you NOT gain with some daily mindful movement?


Here are some ideas for quickie workouts for extra-busy times:


Primary Back Stretch, T-Tapp Twist, Hoe Downs
Primary Back Stretch, Oil Wells, MORE version of T-Tapp Twist, Hoe Downs
Basic Workout Plus, 4 reps instead of 8
MORE Chair
Primary Back Stretch, Hoe Downs after two meals
Senior Fit Primary Back Stretch, Senior Fit Oil Wells, Senior Fit Hoe Downs


Even if you decide to bounce on a rebounder while you watch TV or take a walk around the neighborhood, warm up with Primary Back Stretch. It will get your spine into alignment and optimize any movements you do.


Just remember that the sequence of the full Basic Workout Plus is carefully designed, so if you’re going to skip moves, don’t rearrange them.  I’m tellin’ ya, folks, T-Tapp Workouts are powerful.


But from time to time, it happens to us all—we feel like we can’t squeeze in a whole workout.  It is my firm belief that you’re better off with SOME than NONE.  Don’t expect a miraculous transformation in 30 days, but think about how much better off you’ll be than sitting on the couch.


And in keeping with the theme of “quick,” that’s all, over and out.


What are your favorite quickie ways to sneak in exercise on busy days?  Leave a comment below!