Keys to Lower Body Inch Loss


Most of us would probably list “thighs” as an “area of concern” on our bodies. Whether you’re rocking the chicken drumstick look or you’d just like to tighten and tone, it’s nice to know that some concentrated T-Tapp effort will help. There are some keys to lower body inch loss that can make a difference in your efforts to smooth your curves.

One key to lower body inch loss is shoulder-to-hip alignment. That means if your shoulders are in front of hips (as in leaning forward slightly) or if shoulders are behind hips (like leaning back a bit), it will affect inch loss results.

Did you know that you burn more calories walking downhill than uphill? That’s because your shoulders are in alignment with hips when you walk downhill.

A key to sculpting your lower body is to maintain your tuck. It’s easy to let go of some aspect of form while you’re concentrating on another part. To engage your core muscles, keep checking to make sure you’re pressing your lower back flat. You can feel this by practicing on the floor, and then apply it to your standing workouts. Here are some movements that can help you “get” it–and maybe take care of some back pain, too! Back Pain Relief the T-Tapp Way

Another key to reshape your lower body is to do a workout with exercises that target your trouble areas. T-Tapp Tempo Lower Body is just such a workout. It’s a full-body workout, but it has moves that target trouble zones from waist to knee–including inner and outer thighs and hip pads.

I love the T-Tapp Tempo workouts because they are a condensed version of the Total Workout, with special moves to target various areas, including Tempo Arms and Tempo Torso. Although they are “to tempo,” to me they are actually slower than the original Basic Workout Plus! There’s a significant difference between a 30-minute workout and a 52-minute workout, so let’s admit that shorter is good(er).

One last key: pay attention to the weight distribution in your feet. Shifting weight into your heels while walking, standing and working out can make a difference in your lower body, believe it or not.

Combine these keys to lower body inch loss for the next few weeks and see if you notice a difference. Photos and measurements are always a good baseline to chart your progress, even if no one else ever sees them. Fit in some Tempo Lower Body, pay attention to form and stay consistent to unlock some lower body reshaping!