Inch Loss Reality

Lately I’ve been hearing from women who are discouraged about their inch loss statistics.  “I only lost an inch.”  “I’m only down 1/2″ after two weeks.”  I feel bad for their discouragement.  Sure, I got discouraged during my journey from size 22w to size 6, but I tried not to LIVE in discouragement.  We don’t really have control over thoughts of discouragement that pop into our head but we don’t have to water and fertilize them.
There is a misconception about inch loss, especially by those who are just starting out with T-Tapp or those who are impatient to reach their goal (so that includes the majority of us).  When they hear the success stories of “I lost 20″ this month!” or “I lost 6″ this weekend!” they look at their own 1″ loss and feel despair.  Maybe this reality check will help:
1.  Those who have More to Lose will usually lose more.  I lost 5-7″ the first week (I can’t remember exactly which and I’m too lazy to go dig out the notebook and check for sure).  But remember I weighed 258 pounds and hadn’t gotten out of the recliner for 25 years so any movement was bound to have an effect.
2.  Those who lose several inches in a weekend have usually put in a hard effort of more than one workout in a day.  Safety Harbor and T-Tapp clinics come to mind.  (Note:  for me personally, I see inch loss from harder efforts like this 2-3 weeks AFTER).
3.  Someone looking at my 140″+ loss might think I lost bunches of inches each week.  Nope.  I did manage to get out of my chair and find THAT notebook and this is what I found across the weeks:  1/2″….0″….1 1/2″….0″….2″….1/2″….  Occasionally I did have a banner week, like 4″ (after 5 days of the MORE Instructional several months in to my Tapping experience).  
Remember The Tortoise and the Hare?  Those bigger inch-loss weeks are definitely motivating and encouraging, but it’s the vast majority of 1″ weeks that add up.  That doesn’t even take into consideration how many inches you DIDN’T GAIN because you were T-Tapping.  I remember getting through my first holiday season with T-Tapp.  In November, December and January I lost 4″ total and 4 pounds.  Read that again.  4″ and 4 pounds in three months.  Not too impressive, huh?  But there are 52 weeks in a year and you throw in some 2-3″ weeks in there and it adds up, ladies. 
So the next time you’re tempted to give up because you’re not losing like crazy, think again.  Read success stories like T-Tapp Trainers Diane Adamick and Jeanne Zimet (Slow Losers Win).  Keep learning form and progressing in your workouts.  And just keep Tapping.