Holiday Fitness Survival Guide

Can you believe it’s already that time of year?  Don’t you just love the Christmas season with all its decorations, goodies, parties and music?  We have to admit that it also brings extra stress, disruption to the usual schedule and temptations to indulge in sweets.  What’s a girl to do? 
Here are a few tips to help make it easier for you:
Have a plan
You don’t have to fill notebooks with schedules and checklists, but it’s helpful to have a basic plan in mind.  Sit down with your planner or calendar and make sure the holiday events are already filled in.  Check to see when you’ll be traveling or when you have some especially busy days planned.  Then pencil in your plan.  Aim for at least three short workouts per week.  If I plan five days a week (Monday through Friday), it’s more likely I’ll get in four.
Take advantage of short workouts
Ah, the beauty of T-Tapp’s short workouts!  They are short but powerful little packages of wellness and fitness all in one.  Basic Workout Plus is the standby favorite, but what about getting creative for variety?  Do the Basic Workout portion of the Total Workout, or Tempo Arms, or Tempo Torso or Ladybug.  Start with Primary Back Stretch, then do another portion of the Total Workout, like Lunges to Thread the Needle.  It’s okay to skip moves, just DON’T rearrange; the sequence is still important.
Don’t deprive yourself of goodies
I don’t know about you, but if I think I can’t have something then I really want it!  The key is moderation.  If you know you’re going to an event where goodies will be served, check your mindset at the door.  Food is not your best friend or a way to meet emotional needs.  Make sure you’re actually physically hungry before you eat and stop when you are full (not stuffed and miserable).
Maintenance is easier than catching up
Just like cleaning house, when you keep up a little every day, it’s easier than playing catch-up.  Piles of laundry and dirty dishes in the sink and on the countertops are depressing.  But a load of laundry here and a load in the dishwasher there keep chaos at bay.  In the same way, three short workouts a week through the holidays beats throwing fitness to the winds and then regretting the pounds and inches in January.  You might not lose a size but it sure beats gaining!
Plug in to support and accountability
Find some ways to keep yourself accountable and on track through the holidays.  The T-Tapp forums are a great way to find a group of T-Tappers who want to support each other.  Start your own thread or join an existing group.  Be creative and keep it simple. 
The important thing is to not just give up and forget about exercise during the holidays.  Imagine how good you’ll feel when you keep up with your consistency and at least maintain instead of gaining.  You’ll have more energy for all of your busy days.
Have a happier holiday (and post-holiday) with T-Tapp!