Happy Holiday HoeDowns


It’s the perfect quickie holiday exercise move. It will help trim your lower body, give you a boost in energy and mental clarity, burn excess glucose from those holiday treats and more. This great move is T-Tapp HoeDowns!

I’ll confess that HoeDowns used to be one of my least favorite moves. (Have you heard it said that your least favorite moves are usually the ones you need the most?) Even when learning to teach T-Tapp, I avoided HoeDowns when possible. There is a certain T-Tapper (you know who you are) who always reminded me when I “forgot.”

HoeDowns have become my friend, and I hope they become yours, too.

During your busy holiday season, HoeDowns can help you cope with stress and extra sugar, two enemies of your waistline.

You can do them in a pinch.
You can do them, they’re a cinch.
Do them here and do them there,
You can do them everywhere!

Sorry, I’ve been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss lately.

But seriously, another advantage of HoeDowns is their portability. No equipment, no warmup—just do them. I was once on an airplane flight where the pilot demonstrated HoeDowns in the aisle. True story.

Do them after a sugary snack, especially when you feel that blood sugar rush. Do them at the end of your workout. Do them after a meal. Do them when you feel an afternoon slump.

There have been reports of people losing sizes solely by doing this move.

Like all T-Tapp moves, they are done in a controlled, muscle-activated manner. No flopping and flinging. You shouldn’t be moving from the waist up or ducking your head and shoulders forward when you lift the knee. If you’re bobbing up and down, you’re probably slightly straightening the standing knee. Be patient, keep working at it, and you’ll soon get it.

Teresa Tapp says “this little exercise never ceases to amaze me.” She created HoeDowns to “improve your body’s ability to digest, assimilate, and eliminate.” They also improve right/left brain coordination and are very lymphatic, moving that toxic sludge out of your body. HoeDowns also “improve cardiac conditioning without inflammation.”

That’s great news for our health and wellness, but what about inch loss? Coming right up: HoeDowns hit the tummy, hips, thighs, buns and more. It’s The Little Move That Can!

On my way from size 22W to 6, I did a lot of HoeDowns.

If you’ve been slacking on your workouts during this busy season, do 2-3 sets of HoeDowns throughout your day.

Let some holiday HoeDowns keep you happy, energized and trim!