The Gossip Game: T-Tapp Not-Quite-Truths

Did you ever play the Gossip Game at a party?  You know, the one where someone whispers something into the next person’s ear and it goes all the way around the circle of people and ends up being something totally different than the original sentence?
I played it with two little girls.  I whispered into Emily’s ear:  “T-Tapp is the workout that works and it’s great for wellness and rehabilitation and inch loss.”  She leaned her freckled cheek to her sister Sophie’s ear and whispered.  Then Sophie put her hand to my ear and whispered “T-Tapp will get us better.”
She got the basic idea right, it was just missing a few details.
In the same way, you may have heard or thought some things along your T-Tapp way, only to find later that they weren’t quite accurate:
T-Tapp is too easy.  If you think T-Tapp is easy, you’re doing it wrong.  Try a super-slow session with Teresa Tapp and you’ll see what I mean.  Failing that, get with a trainer at an event or through a webcam.  Muscle activation can take a while to “get,” and when you get it, “easy” won’t be how you describe it.  T-Tapp is doable, but not exactly easy.
I know my form is good.  I’ve heard this before, usually from someone who is disappointed with their results.  I thought this once, a long time ago, before I got the results of a video form review.  Can’t say that I’ve thought it since then.  Willingness to learn, take corrections and keep progressing is a recipe for success.
If Less is More, More is Better.  Not so.  You can “more” yourself into slowing down your inch loss.  Adding more and more cardio, machines and long workouts can defeat your purpose and actually lessen results.
If I haven’t lost inches, this isn’t working.  Human bodies are very individual.  You can’t “make” them do some things.  It’s not a cake recipe:  2 cups of Basic Workout Plus, add alfalfa.  Shake and bake, come out with inch loss.  Form, body type, health issues, fitness level and more comes into play for individualized results.  You cannot see what’s happening on the inside and there are many stories of T-Tappers who stayed consistent over a long period of time before they saw noticeable results.  But when they saw those results it was worth the wait.
If Less is More, Even Less is Good.  I’m definitely a fan of keeping it doable and realistic, but you have to DO the workout and you have to work hard while you’re doing it.  Two short workouts a week is probably not going to give amazing results (but don’t quote me on that—T-Tapp IS amazing).  Four might.  I’m not you, you’re not me.  Just don’t rationalize your way into doing less and less.
Yes You Can.  Oh, you heard this one right!
Now lean over to the mirror and whisper “Yes You Can.”  That one is pretty hard to get wrong.  And it’s not gossip, it’s the truth.