Drive-By Workout Schedule

Driving home through dark neighborhoods at night, it’s fun to peek into houses with lighted windows that look friendly and inviting. We can peer through the open curtains as we drive by, to catch a glimpse of what color the living room is painted and how the furniture is arranged.
In the same way, we like to take a peek into the workout schedules and practices of others, hoping for inspiration and a dose of reality. Let me turn on the lights and throw back the drapes so you can drive by for a quick view of one month’s workout schedule in the first year of my T-Tapp journey.
September 2007
Started the month with my version of a 4-day bootcamp:
1 – MORE plus Balance and Thread the Needle
2 – Total Workout through Thread the Needle
3 – Total Workout through Arms
4 – BWO+, Hit the Floor Softer
5 – Off
6 – Off
7 – BWO+
8 – Off
9 – Off
10 – Off
11 – Off
12 – Total Workout through Torso Twist
13 – Hit the Floor Softer
14 – Off
15 – MORE
16 – Total Workout through Arms
17 – Hit the Floor Softer
18 – BWO+ a.m., PBS, Thread the Needle p.m.
19 – Off
20 – BWO+ a.m., Hit the Floor Softer p.m.
21 – Off
22 – Off
23 – PBS, Hoe Downs
24 – PBS, Step Away the Inches
25 – Total Workout through Thread the Needle
26 – Off
27 – Total Workout (one set of Hoe Downs)
28 – Off
29 – Off
30 – BWO+ a.m., Lunges through Thread the Needle p.m.
There you have it, folks. One month in the life of a Not-So-Super T-Tapper. This was actually a month of more sustained effort in my workout schedule because at the time I was preparing for my first T-Tapp Safety Harbor Retreat. Following the retreat that year, during the holiday season I cut back to 4 short workouts per week for several months. Even though the schedule became less intensive, it was, nonetheless, consistent. So while you’re driving through the neighborhood of workout schedules, keep your eyes on the road of consistency!