Dramatic Results in One Month (or Maybe One Year)

School reunions.  Weddings.  Vacations.  Spring is just around the corner, and now is a good time to take advantage of the extra motivation and opportunity for a short-term goal.  “Event” goals were an important inspiration on my journey from size 22W to 6 with T-Tapp.
One particular event was my husband’s 25th college reunion.  We planned to attend and visit with friends we hadn’t seen in years.  I had reached a size 14 and was thrilled to be there, by the way.  I still weighed over 200 pounds.  So I set a two-fold goal:  be in a size 12 and under 200 pounds for the reunion coming up in about a month.
I searched for suggestions on what to do and this was the recipe I read on the T-Tapp forum: 
QUESTION:  “How can I achieve dramatic results in a month?”
ANSWER:  “Full workout every other day, with Basic Workout Plus or Step Away the Inches on off days, Sunday off.  Organs in Place with Diva Derriere or Ladybug move before bed.  Skin brush twice a day, drink plenty of fluids, eat clean.”  ~ Michelle Barbuto, Senior T-Tapp Trainer
I printed this formula for my notebook and placed it inside the front cover.  And how did it work?
Well, I only brushed once a day, but stayed consistent with it.  I made an effort to drink more water and was careful to eat only between hunger and fullness.   Here are the workouts done for that 30 days:
(Immediately following the 2007 T-Tapp Safety Harbor Retreat till the reunion):
Day 1:  Primary Back Stretch (PBS)
Day 2:  Off
Day 3:  PBS through Balance, plus Thread the Needle
Day 4:  Off
Day 5:  Before bed—Organs in Place (OIP), Ladybug move (LB), Crab Claws (CC)
Day 6:  Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 7:  BWO+, Lunges (1st set 4 reps), Balance, Thread the Needle
Day 8:  Ladybug Floor (stopped before Pilates)
Day 9:  Off
Day 10:  MORE, 20-min. walk
Day 11:  Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 12:  Total Workout
Day 13:  Before bed—OIP, LB
Day 14:  BWO+, Before bed—OIP, LB
Day 15:  Total Workout, Before bed—OIP, LB
Day 16:  Step Away the Inches, Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 17:  PBS, T-Tapp Twist, Hoe Downs, Hit the Floor Softer; Before bed:  OIP, LB, CC
Day 18:  Step Away the Inches, Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 19:  Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 20:  Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 21:  BWO+, Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 22:  Total Workout, Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 23:  BWO+
Day 24:  BWO+
Day 25:  25-min. walk, Before bed:  OIP, LB, CC
Day 26:  Instructional #2 through Cross-Cross, Diva Derriere (DD) for the first time
Day 27:  Before bed:  OIP, LB, CC, DD
Day 28:  BWO+, Before bed:  OIP, LB, CC, DD
Day 29:  BWO+
Day 30:  BWO, Advanced Hoe Downs, Balance, Thread the Needle, Before bed:  DD
You see that I did NOT follow the formula, so don’t blame the formula.  However, I WAS pretty darn consistent.  Please note that this super-consistency ended with the reunion.  From that point until the following March, I did Basic Workout Plus or MORE 3-4 times per week until I was motivated and ready for another month of harder effort. 
I didn’t do another long workout until April–nearly five months later! 
Documented on my measuring charts, here is the inch loss from my efforts:
Week 1:  gained 1”
Week 2:  lost 1”
Week 3:  lost 1”
Week 4:  0”
Net loss:  one inch.  And five and a half pounds in 4 weeks.  Really not too impressive, huh?  Okay, here’s the weird part.  I wore size 12 pants to that reunion.  I had lost a size in that month!  And still weighed more than 200 pounds.  Here’s a proud photo taken before we left for the reunion:
It took four months to reach the next size down, size 10.
I wonder how many people give up because they only lost an inch after working hard for a month.  Maybe their body was just on the edge of a breakthrough, or maybe their body was going to take 4 more months to lose a size.  Sadly, if they quit they never find out.  Dramatic results in a month or dramatic results in a year, either way the results are, well….dramatic!