I Know I Need to Be Consistent

I Know I Need to Be Consistent
by Charlotte Siems
An alarm pierced the quiet darkness of the hotel room.  Late into the night loud people had been wandering the halls on the 18th floor, so my sleep had been interrupted.  Without the alarm clock on my phone I would have overslept and been late for the seminar.  I was sound asleep when it rang.  Oblivious.
In the same way, sometimes we need a wake-up call for life.  Seeing things in a different way can help us realize what we’re doing so we can move towards change.  Truth can be like an alarm clock, somewhat unpleasant at the time but definitely needed.
See if any of these statements sound familiar:
I know I need to be consistent with exercise. 
I know I need to get organized. 
I know I need to eat better. 
I know I need to lose weight.
I know I need to (fill in the blank with your favorite brand).
You’ve heard it and you’ve said it.
The Greek word “knosis” means knowledge.  A similar word is “epiknosis,” which is knowledge put into action or practice.
That’s the difference between reading success stories and being one. 
It’s great to learn all you can about exercise and T-Tapp in particular.  Reading Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes is valuable.  Researching a move on the T-Tapp forum is smart and you’ll learn a lot.  Going to a form clinic is a good investment.
But you have to activate what you learn.  Learn and activate.  Learn and activate.
It can be a form of self-sabotage or blocking to stay in learning mode.  You tell yourself you just want to get it right.  You want to make sure you understand it all before you start. 
Perhaps you’re setting up a hedge of protection around yourself.  You don’t believe you deserve to succeed or look good and you think it won’t happen anyway so as long as you stay in the investigation phase you’re safe. 
Or maybe you’re in a performance mentality and as long as you keep educating yourself you won’t fail.
This is true for more than just exercise, by the way.  Have you “thought” about writing a book or starting a business?  Of course you have to learn the “how” part.  But if you remain in a season of constantly researching and taking classes but never activating, you can’t really call yourself an author or a business owner.
In some ways we were trained from childhood to keep learning and never activating.  Think about your public school experience.  Learn and learn, someday you’ll graduate and get a job, THEN you can use what you learned.
An accumulation of knowledge just keeps you overweight, out of shape and stuck.
Okay, so you “know” you need to stay consistent.  Time to activate.  I’m not asking you to be consistent for the next twenty years.  That’s too big and overwhelming.  How about if we start with ten minutes today?  Yes, I know you’re busy.  So am I.  But we’re kidding ourselves (or rather, lying to ourselves) if we believe we’re too busy to do ten or fifteen minutes of exercise. 
If we used the time we spend making excuses and dreading and rationalizing to just lace up our shoes and get the workout done, we wouldn’t have to find a way to squeeze in exercise. 
The Bible talks about people who are “ever learning, never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”  It’s like being on a frustrating, endless hamster wheel.  Deep down we know we need to jump off and DO rather than just KNOW.
Sorry to disturb our peaceful sleep.  The alarm is ringing and even though I’m going to turn it off, I’m awake now.  I hope you are, too.