Consistent Exercise: Slow Results Are Still Results

A crowd gathered at an outdoor gazebo on a beautiful Fall day on a college campus.  It was a class reunion but we weren’t members of the class.  We were there for the dedication of the gazebo, honoring the memory of a family member. 
A pretty blonde woman made her way through the crowd and I immediately recognized her.  She had attended an event where I had spoken about T-Tapp and what it had done for me.  Several months later she had driven a few hours to attend a form clinic. 
At the time of the clinic she told me how much she liked T-Tapp, and how she had stayed consistent but wasn’t really seeing much in the way of results.  We talked about form and she decided to stay consistent because of how T-Tapp helped with energy and hormones.
Now here she was in front of me, and she gave me a quick hug.  With a sparkle in her eyes, she shared how, after months of just keeping on, not doing anything different, suddenly the inches started dropping.  She had lost two sizes in those nine months, but most of that inch loss was near the end of the nine months.
It got me to thinking about how consistency holds unknown benefits.  Unknown because they don’t show up until we’ve been consistent
Unknown because the human body is individual and complicated, so we can’t always accurately predict the effects of a treatment or routine.
I would venture to guess that most of the people who are impatient to get results yesterday, spent many years out of shape and overweight.  No judgment:  I was one of them so I can say it. 
The vast majority of the discouragement and self-pity I experienced over the course of losing 100 pounds in a year and a half stemmed from thoughts of:
·      Impatience (okay, twelve inches is good but what about the other 130?)
·      Self-judgment (my hip pad looks pointy, this cellulite looks worse, why did I let myself get in this shape?)
·      Frustration with the pace of inch loss (all that work for a month and I lost ONE inch?)
·      Comparison (she lost 6” in her bootcamp and I didn’t lose any)
·      Clothes frustration (my stomach is STILL too big to get into the next size down)
·      And more (you fill in the blanks)
What I wish I’d known:
·      Patience, grasshopper.
·      Self-judgment kept me focused on the negative so I got stuck there at times.
·      Months of inch loss add up and at the end of 1 ½ years, it didn’t really matter how long it took.  In fact, it seemed fast when looking back.
·      You can’t compare your human body’s results with another human body’s.
·      Wear pretty clothes no matter what size you are instead of always waiting for someday.
Just remember there is a difference between the results experienced by:
·      someone who does two short workouts a week, watching TV while working out, going through the motions, flinging limbs and flopping and straightening knees and not tucking
·      someone who does 4-6 short workouts a week, working mindfully, pushing themselves, always learning about form, going to their max, activating muscle and constantly checking their own form before, during and after moves.
I can’t predict the speed and extent of your results but statistics favor the second group.  Be sure to tell yourself the truth about which group you’re in.
I love hearing (and seeing) results from people who hung in there and kept going, even when the going was tough.  None of them regret staying with it and working through impatience and frustration.
Even if we don’t get the expected results, we’re always better off remaining consistent.  Even with lots of form issues, moving our bodies benefits us.  Slow results are still results.  And you never know what surprises are just around the corner (even after many months)!