Attention, Shoppers: How to Improve Your T-Tapp Form

Attention, Shoppers:  How to Improve Your T-Tapp Form
by Charlotte Siems
There’s this store in Dallas.*  It has a dazzling array of jewelry, purses, scarves, clothes, shoes—all arranged by color.  You walk in the door and enter a wonderland of beautiful stuff.  The prices are good and the atmosphere is fun, but it can be pretty overwhelming if you’re just there to browse.   But if you go in with a plan and a certain outfit you’re looking to accessorize, you’ll be able to zero in and score a great look. 
Having lots of choices can be good and bad.  They say that if customers are confused they’ll do nothing. 
In the same way, we can get a little overwhelmed when we’re looking to improve our form with T-Tapp.  Where to start?  If we feel confused it’s possible we’ll feel like we don’t have time to figure it out and then we’ll do nothing.
We all know that our form is important to get optimum results with T-Tapp.  Don’t be scared!  We don’t have to be perfect, but sometimes a little tweak can yield big results. 
Here are a variety of ways to help improve your form with T-Tapp:
The Instructionals.  Here’s the place to start.  And I hope you did start there when you first began T-Tapping.  Sometimes we’re in a hurry to get to the “real” workout, but the Instructionals will kick your buns and teach you at the same time.  There’s Instructional #1, Instructional #2, MORE Instructionals and TappCore Instructionals. 
Hint:  Try watching and taking notes.  Bet you can’t help tightening up while you watch!
T-Tapp forum.  The forum has a wealth of knowledge about form and individual moves.  Not only can you make new friends and get encouragement, you can use the Search feature to look up an issue or particular move.  And did I mention that it’s free?
Try Before You Buy.  This section of the T-Tapp website contains videos and written articles.  Watch and study, watch and do.  Read, think, underline.
T-Tapp YouTube channel.  You’ll find lots of interesting tidbits here.  Sometimes hearing a different cue will give you an ah-ha moment.
The book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes by Teresa Tapp.   This is a must-have resource for any T-Tapper.  Besides the inspiration success stories and details about the benefits of T-Tapp, you’ll find step-by-step instructions and tips on common errors. 
Attend a T-Tapp event.  Unfortunately, Teresa can’t see you through the TV.  Attending a live event is great because a T-Tapp trainer can see what you’re doing and help you go to the next level in form.  Obviously, availability of live events varies with your location.  If an event is not an option, work with virtual options.
Book a video review.  Many trainers offer a critique of your form when you send them a recording of you doing a T-Tapp workout.  
Keep doing T-Tapp.  This is a biggie.  It takes time to build the mind-to-muscle connection to enable you to activate muscle and feel where you’re placing your body.
Do an online event with a T-Tapp trainer.  Several trainers offer online classes throughout the year. (I did several of these during my inch loss journey). Check the events section on the website for details.
Do a variety of workouts.  You’ll learn something new from every version and you can apply the tweaks to your other workouts. 
Don’t let this list overwhelm you! 
Start with one aspect of form or one move.  Choose one venue to learn from, then focus on that one thing for a week or two.  That will help cement the technique.  Then move on to one more new thing.   
Many of these resources are free or low-cost, or you can choose to spend some cash.  I’ve always felt that T-Tapp saved me thousands of dollars in medical bills, so I don’t feel bad about investing in it (for me and my health, which benefits my family).
Just as it helps to go shopping with an idea of what you’re looking for, narrow your focus down to what you want to improve.  Take a baby step….practice….then another baby step. 
Just like shopping for the perfect accessories to go with an outfit for a special occasion, narrow it down, then divide and conquer.  Happy shopping (and T-Tapping)!